Lazy MQTT Broker and Client

A free hosted MQTT broker and a Javascript Websocket client

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I am working on many M2M / IoT projects these days. And the communication base for most of them is MQTT. In order to make the testing easier I made this MQTT broker and hosted it on my website. Feel free to use it but please do not abuse it.

Lazy Engineers free MQTT server is now live.

For now the broker and the client supports only the basic functions. Hopefully I will be adding more features in the future. If you feel like you can help in the project development please feel free to join this project on Hackaday or shoot me a message and we can discuss further.

I have also made a Javascript websocket client for testing this broker or other ones, you can give it a try on the following link.

The broker is hosted on Google Compute Engine and it uses the settings below.
Plain Websocket Port: 10452
Plain TCP Port: 1883
SSL TCP Port: 8883
SSL Websocket Port: 9883

Username: lazyengineers
Password: lazyengineers

When I have time I will add some information about installing and testing an MQTT broker on your own machine.

  • SSL Support

    LazyHD10/02/2016 at 22:06 0 comments

    Lazy MQTT broker now supports SSL thanks to Let's Encrypt Initiative:

    SSL Websocket Port: 9883
    SSL TCP Port: 8883

    You can still use the broker without encryption on the below ports:

    Websocket Port : 10452
    TCP Port: 1883

    The rest of the settings are still the same:

    Username: lazyengineers
    Password: lazyengineers

  • Version 0.1

    LazyHD10/01/2016 at 22:08 0 comments

    I made few changes to the code and functionality:

    • HTML and Javascript are now separated
    • Javascript now hosted on Lazy Engineers
    • Subscribe/Unsubscribe are now in Tag format

    Changes pushed to Git and published

  • Testing The Broker From Ubuntu

    LazyHD09/25/2016 at 17:43 0 comments

    Below are some steps for testing the hosted broker using your local Ubuntu machine.

    From your terminal execute the following commands:

    1. Install mosquitto client tools
      sudo apt-get install mosquitto-client
    2. Subscribe to a desired topic e.g "lazy/engineers". Notice your terminal is waiting for an incoming message.
      mosquitto_sub -h -p 1883 -v -t "lazy/engineers" -u lazyengineers -P lazyengineers
    3. Open another terminal window to publish to the same topic
      mosquitto_pub -h -p 1883 -t "lazy/engineers" -u lazyengineers -P lazyengineers -m "Lazy Engineers Are Awesome - Sent From Console"
    4. On the first terminal where you are subscribed and it was waiting you should now see the message
      lazy/engineers Lazy Engineers Are Awesome - Sent From Console
    5. You can also mix the publish subscribe using the terminal and the html client on the following link.
      You can publish from the terminal, subscribe and receive the messages on the HTML client and vise versa.

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    Step 1

    To use the MQTT broker you can use the below settings:

    Plain Websocket Port: 10452
    Plain TCP Port: 1883
    SSL Websocket Port: 9883
    SSL TCP Port: 8883
    Username: lazyengineers
    Password: lazyengineers

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