I have too many ways to make this project work!

A project log for Making books accessible to all kids

This project creates an easily accessible digital library of animated books, empowering all children to independently explore reading.

atomicthomasatomicthomas 10/06/2016 at 01:540 Comments


A: USB NES controller is not detected by KODI.

Kodi Alpha 3 has a great controller component, so I installed it into my pi. The controller modifier does not work very well. My pi only detects the down button of my controller. I'd like this solution the most because it is the cheapest and easiest! I'll fool around with it a little more, but if the software does not work, I'll have to figure out a hardware solution. Possible solutions follow:

1. Wire the controller to an adafruit trinket and connect the trinket to the pi.

2. Wire the conrolle to the pi's GPIO's and hack KODI to see it.

B: The raspberry zero is too slow for this project. I need to find a way to get the thumbnails to load faster. I might need to use a faster pi...

C: Thumbnails are not transferring over from i-mac. My thumbnails are not great, so I need a way to pull the thumbnails off my mac and then put them some place the pi can see.