Cnc control box update.

Update of Chinese 3020 cnc engraving machine controls, usb, stepper drivers

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Update of Chinese 3020 cnc machine control board
T-D 3 axis and spindle controller

Two major updates to this controller are part of the project. Drive the machine via usb. Update the control board with dedicated stepper drivers in lieu of the all-in-one board it came with. These updates are an attempt to increase the consistency and reliability of the milling machine.

I initially purchased the machine through my go to auction site in 2012 and have been working with it on and off over the past years. I wanted the ability to prototype circuit boards and engrave some items from time to time.

The parallel port operation has always been a thorn in my side. I had a couple of older computers to work with but the reliability has diminished with time along with the inconsistency of driving the control board with a parallel add-on card.

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