The bird will have a "keyboard" made up from microswitches with plastic disks attached to the switch.  The disk can have images that relate to the sound so the bird can associate that image with that sound. I have made keyboards before so that part is fairly easy to me, a simple 5x2 matrix can be made. I have designed the board in . Then I saved the .json file to github. The code can then be transferred to to create the macros needed, the matrix, and the qmk hex file for the teensy/pro micro.

The board may be needed to be plugged into a raspberry pi for convenience as a separate login to twitch.

I have not looked into operating a servo from twitch but I know it is possible.

that would be another step later on

I should also mention I do not own a bird, which is why this project is purely conceptual at this point. I do have a friend who owns one and maybe could be used as a test subject.

I currently do not have a great computer for streaming, and I work full time so I would not have a lot of time to spend on the project however I have thought of this project for quite a while so maybe some day it will happen.