Prototype CAD Completed

A project log for Ramrod

The Ramrod Tool Sorter is a machine that sorts and stores small tools for easy access and cataloging. Uses OpenCV and Open Hardware.

Blue IceBlue Ice 07/12/2014 at 00:100 Comments

I am pleased to say that I have completed the CAD for the first (and only) prototype of Ramrod:

The emphasis of this prototype is on software- although the software part of things will be similar between this prototype and the final version, the hardware should be quite different.

I'm sorry about the delay in project updates, but as you can see by my commits on Ramrod's GitHub, I've been busy working hard for the past 2 weeks on getting everything for Ramrod's prototype together.

For anyone interested, I have uploaded three 3-D files of this prototype to Ramrod's GitHub: p1-final.stl, p1-final.step, and p1-final.fcstd. (Careful, they're large!) The last file is the native file for my CAD editor, FreeCAD. This is where the real goodies are. If you open that file with FreeCAD, you can see all of the figures, cuts, and pockets that I've slaved away on!

If you don't want to muck around with 3-D files, you're in luck; here are a couple better renderings that I did with POV-Ray:

I'll be working on ordering parts, getting the BOM ready, and writing an explanation of how the prototype works, complete with fancier renderings. Another update should come in the next couple days!