Robotics Camera and Sensor Disc Module

This is a Water Resistance camera and sensor array that anyone can build. It has 360 degree video and machine vision with navigation

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This is a universal Sensor disc I came up with for indoor and outdoor robotics. Outdoors in any weather is a harsh environment for electronics and a good way to house and arrange sensors is what every builder has to deal with. My design uses the top of a 5 gallon bucket and plywood sealed with rubber. It looks great , it is functional and anyone can build it for a low price. It can be mounted on any robot and if the robot is smaller than just use a smaller bucket like a 3 gallon or 1 gallon for example. I built this for a security robot project , but it can be built cheaply for any robot project that you can mount something on the top of.

Primary Parts:
- 4 8 mp pi cams & Pi 3 ( you can use pi 3 or pi zero W)
- 4 x 64gb Sandisk Micro SD
- 4 x motion / pyro style human sensors
- 4 x Waterproof ultrasonic automotive style sensors
- 1 640 x 480 machine vision cam
- 8 x 1 watt IR leds for low light
- 1 x Ez Robot v4 wifi microcontroller
- 5 gal bucket w waterproof lid

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