Project has not been started yet. This is currently just a work space for me to collate information and my focus.

My project is to bring useful functionality into a touch screen headunit for my 2000 Mitsubishi Lancer CE.

The following functionalities are what I would like to implement.

  • 4x50W Channel Amplifier (For Interior Speakers)
  • 1x100W Channel Amplifier (For connection to Amp/SubWoofer)
  • USB Audio
  • GPS Navigation
  • GPS Tracking
  • Bluetooth (Not sure if to be used for peripherals or for incoming connections)
  • 3G Internet Connection
  • FM Radio
  • Reverse Camera
  • Front Mount Dash Cam
  • Dual Rotary Encoders with push button. One for Left-Right Menu scroll and push down "Select". One for Volume Up-Down with push down "Mute".
  • Extra Buttons for "Back" and "Context" menu's etc.

I will most likely be running some form of Linux build for this project. However when Android is finally released for Rpi3 then this will also be something I will consider as it will help me integrate a specific Car ECU Scanning program and cables that my Car can only use (Older Lancers cannot use standard OBD2 scanners).

Kodi will also most likely be the UI that will be used for launching everything.

Things may change as I start this project.