Box has Been Printed

A project log for A Super Capacitor Pulsed Power 24V DC Supply

A power supply for the soon to come 200W+ AA Battery Electric Bicycle

David ScholtenDavid Scholten 10/22/2016 at 01:480 Comments

Taking a total of about 24 hours of print time, the rest of the box has been printed:

Nothing has been electrically connected yet and it's not going to win any award for energy-to-weight ratios:

The top lid:

The "bookshelf" where all of the module boards are stored:

Where the bookshelf lives:

Any a nice close up of the newly labelled front panel:

Something unexpected did occur though. Out of the 11 boost converters I had available, two of them did not function at all. As a result I've ordered another 4 from eBay (E.T.A. 1.5 weeks).

I also managed to find an old bicycle that would do nicely with a cheap electric conversion.

Not much else this week!

Soon I hope to start finding the best way to harvest energy from the DC-link of a brushless motor controller, forcing it to pass generated power back from the motor.