The Challenge/Problem

So the problem was I’d previously started a small robot car build using one of the cheep 4WD chassis available on Banggood with my youngest daughter.

I got a couple of dual motor drivers from Sparkfun and Particle photon I already had and got soldering. Bejesus the number wires & the number of pins used on the micro just to get 4 motors running didn’t leave much free for sensors and other gizmos.

I had a quick look at available “robot driver boards” There aren’t that many for the 4 motor chassis and there ones that are around aren’t for the current generation of wifi enabled micros.

The Solution

If the first rite of passage for micros is blinking a led, the next one (once you have kids) is creating your own robot driver board.

So this boards’s minimum requirements are.

  • Support the FeatherWing spec so you can use ESP2866, ESP32 or the new boards etc.
  • Drive 4 motors. 
  • Use minimal pins on micro (perhaps I2C)

Other features or sensor inputs are a bonus.