ABS, PC, PEEK plastics research project

Using ABS, PC, PEEK pellets, and magic I will make filament for my Stratasys Dimension SST printer.

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Over the course of my senior year, I will be learning the chemistry of how ABS, PC, and PEEK are formed. Using that knowledge, I will modify the pellets in such a way so that they either have higher impact resistance, compression resistance, flexibility, etc.. After mixing the pellets I will extrude them on my Noztek Extruder. Finally, when the filament is created, I will test it on my printer.
However, before I do all that I need to do a couple of things first.
The first thing I need to get done is get my Stratasys printer working.
The second thing I need to get done is make my printer they the capacity to print PC and PEEK.
The third thing I need to get done is build an enclosure for my Noztek.
The fourth thing I need to get done is build a resin/desiccant dryer to dry out the pellets before extrusion.
After I get all of the following done, I can start to extrude plastic.
This project was inspired by Robert Cowan and CaptMcAllister

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