Necessity is the mother.

A project log for BIRTHA - Base Interface RV/Trailer Home Automation

Birtha is the name of our RV. Projects and automation are inevitable.

Daren SchwenkeDaren Schwenke 02/24/2019 at 03:580 Comments

After a stint which bordered most of the US, we are parked now.  

Access to an ok shop (hand tools at least) and materials is now at hand, but there is no longer the immediate need for most of what I was trying to do here.  Focus has shifted.

The pneumatic antenna mast died during the trip with a failure of the silicone tube which was driving it.  It has since been re-designed as a screw drive, and a new rotation/extension mechanism designed/fabricated.  That is waiting to be installed.

The existing HDMI switch lost a channel and I'll need to get a new one.  They are surprisingly expensive for the RJ-45 output version.  I moved one plug and that is stalled.

We have both Amazon and Google products in the RV.  Right now I haven't bothered to make them play nice together, so voice control is stalled there.

The relay board won't quite cover all the functions I need it to.  I've been looking at alternatives.

That is about it.  As excess time, or increased need presents itself, I will continue here.