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a hardware version of your crackme and reverseme games for learning hardware reverse engineering techniques without expensive tools

Tom Van den BonTom Van den Bon 07/22/2014 at 16:580 Comments

So haven't managed to keep my logs updated as much as I would like to. With regards to the previous pcb, they are up and running although they do have a few small mistakes and also a few things I didn't like, so I spent a few hours updating the pcb. (I'll take some photos of the assembled board with a more detailed post on what exactly is wrong and what I added to the new boards)

I present to you HWRE V1.1

As you can see I'm also using this as a test for some graphical stuff. Not sure yet if the fabhouse will accept it, but we'll see ;) Still need to do some checks, but will be sending these boards away for fabrication in a few days :)

On the software side, I'm making good progress. Will be posting what/where and how in the next couple of days :)