Hack-A-Day Prize Entry Ready

A project log for Hardware Reverse Engineering Learning Platform

a hardware version of your crackme and reverseme games for learning hardware reverse engineering techniques without expensive tools

Tom Van den BonTom Van den Bon 08/20/2014 at 12:590 Comments

So I woke up this morning without any idea of the what I'm going to do for a video (ok, lots of ideas but nothing practical). I had a little bit of time during my lunch break so decided to give it a quick go and create something using VideoScribe. It's not the prettiest video out there, but it fulfills the entry requirements of a 2 min video.

Entry Requirements: (for 20 Aug)

(1) System Design Pic ... Check

(2) 4+ Project Logs ... Check

(3) 2 min video ... Check

(4) Explain how your project is connected? .... uhm

Well, I was hoping it was kinda obvious but a closer look at everything I've written and I'm not sure if the reader would understand how it's connected. In simple words, the main concept of this project is to be able to reverse engineer communication between two connected microcontrollers... aah see what I did there ? ;)

I'm not sure if my project is really worthy of winning a prize such as going to space, but it's something that I've wanted to do for a long time (this project, not go to space ... ok, going to space as well but that's not what I meant... right?) and the contest has been motivation to get this project off the ground.

Let's hope I didn't miss a requirement somewhere ?