Module enclosures now available at Thingiverse

A project log for B·Day Bot

A little RC robot to entertain birthday parties

julio-vazquezJulio Vazquez 09/28/2016 at 15:390 Comments

During my project's development, I felt that it would be a good idea to make enclosures for some of the modules. To be more specific, the LiPo battery charger and the step-up booster.

Why? Because using these modules in their "bare PCB" form makes them vulnerable to be shorted if they are handled in a conductive surface, and there's a chance that they will be damaged if they fall (or something else falls over them).

So, I designed these enclosures with the aim of protecting them while allowing the user to access the boards' features.

In the case of the step-up booster, the case allows the user to adjust the potentiometer that sets up the voltage output.

Meanwhile, the enclosure for the LiPo charger has two holes that let the user see the status led clearly.

I think that these enclosures can be helpful to anyone who uses these modules, so I decided to upload them on Thingiverse: