Quantity   Component name
1 × Folding Box Design Requires Design that provides the most stable surface for an individual to use while in the pit latrine
1 × 3/4" thick sheets of wood Prototype 1: Main building material for the box design. It can be plywood, hardwood, or any type of sheet wood..
7 × Hinges Prototype 1: Main component that assists the portability aspect of the box design.
1 × 1" x 1" wood Prototype 1: This will be used in building the handles on the box design
4 × Screws Prototype 1: Also used in building the handles on the box design.
1 × Folding Crutch Design Requires A protoype designed to assist in mobility as well as the critical function of using the latrine
20 × Feet of 1/2" x 1/2" steel tubing To be welded together
2 × Pivot Hinges Used for the folding mechanism
1 × Used bicycle tyre The rubber is recycled to provide friction between the contact points and the surface