Cutting / engraving laser for DIY CNC router

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Aim of this project is building a low cost laser module for cutting / engraving for my CNC router.

Status: Hardware completed, firmware under construction.

  • 1 × DAC MCP 4921-E/P Source: Reichelt Elektronik, EUR 1,80
  • 1 × 2W 445nm M140 Blue Laser Diode Source: eBay, US $49,00 + US $10,00 shipping
  • 1 × 3A analog laser diode driver with bias standby Sorce: eBay, US $30,00 + US $6,90 shipping
  • 1 × 8x2 LCD blue/white Source: eBay, EUR 6,95 + EUR 2,99 shipping
  • 1 × Laser Module Housing 33x33x50mm for 5.6mm TO-18 LD with Glass Lens & Fans Source: eBay, US $17,99

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  • Waiting for exposure film

    Lexcis03/06/2014 at 18:51 0 comments

    After having barbecued the µC by 12V supply voltage, I decided to etch new pcbs instead of wiring everything on breadboard.

    At the moment I'm waiting for exposure film I ordered for etching. I tried laser printing on conventional transparency film, but the result was not that good.

  • Hardware and mount finished

    Lexcis02/24/2014 at 15:15 0 comments

    Today I got the milled mounting adapter for the 43mm mount. Special thanks to my collegue Oliver for this! Unfortunately I couldn't do it on my own because milling wood is too loud for my neighbors... Special thanks to my neighbors for this! :( )

    Now it's time for some coding...

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georgefomitchef wrote 04/30/2016 at 19:58 point

Hello Lexcis!

I would like to share with you with our video tutorials.Maybe it will bw interesting for you.

How to assemble MakeBlock XY plotter.

How to assemble DIY engraver

If you have any questions you can:

email me: 

or call : +1.239.302.00.53 (from 8AM till 8PM
eastern time)

Or skype me :george.fomitchev

It is very important for me to know your opinion!

Thank you!

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georgefomitchef wrote 02/13/2016 at 17:02 point

The best engraving with a diode laser

We would like to give 50 USD as a special prize for the best engraving using 2W or 3.5W

diode laser

Not necessarily Endurance L-Cheapo.

Please send your pictures to or place them in our facebook group:

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