1,000mW Long Range 70cm Serial Bridge

Utilizing the RFM23BP - 433Mhz GFSK High Power Transceiver

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A radio build to allow long range communication with high power rockets and model craft.

Key Components

  • RFM23BP - 1 Watt 70cm Transciever (datasheet:
  • ESP8266 / ESP32 - Main microcontroller with WiFI/Bluetooth
  • Dual RF connections
  • 1" OLED Display
  • 2 x momentary push buttons
  • Piezo buzzer

  • Project Goals

    J. M. Hopkins09/29/2016 at 04:20 0 comments

    Background Information

    I have several projects ranging from a wireless rocket test stand, rocket flight computer with live telemetry, wireless musical instrument, and a heavy lift RC plane. All of these either use or could better use a 70cm transceiver for communication. This will also play into my eventual custom RC transmitter.

    Main Parts Utilized

    • RFM23BP 433MHz - RF Transciever
      • 1,000mW, +30dBm power output (the FCC limit for telecommand of model craft)
      • -120 dBm sensitivity
      • 3.3V to 6V power supply
      • Antenna diversity
      • FSK/GFSK/OOK modulation
    • ESP8266 / ESP32 Modules - Microcontroller / WiFi / Bluetooth
      • 240MHz processor
      • 5520KB SRAM
      • 16MByte flash
      • 32 GPIO (3xUART, 3xSPI, PWM IO on every pin)
      • +19.5dBm (89mW ) WiFi output

    Modes of Operation

    • 10 channel long range servo controller
    • Transparent serial bridge to WiFi / microcontroller / computer

    RC Transmitter Future Goals

    • Transmitter configuration over WiFi

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