Unibot? Buildmaster 6000? What to call it???

The Cartesian Overhead crane type printer!

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This project is another 3d printer! Whoa!

So what is it called? I am not sure yet I kind of put some random names on the project page.

But what is different? Well I wanted to design a machine that is cheap to build using parts I could salvage out of printers / scanners / photocopiers whatever. But I also wanted a reasonably large build volume and the ability to easily reconfigure the machine to do whatever I desired, using it as a filament printer and SLA machine, a camera panning rig, or even an SLS machine.

So I set to work.
  • 9 × 5/16" Zinc plated steel Rod Frame Material
  • 1 × RAMPS 1.4 kit with Arduino mega, end stops, and 5 drv8825 drivers Controller Board
  • 1 × 12V 250W switch mode power supply Power Supply
  • 2 × 8mm Hardened Steel rods (salvaged from printers)
  • 1 × 5mm Hardened Steel rod (salvaged from printers)

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