HP touchsmart 310 IR touchscreen to USB

My HP touchsmart 310 is dead but the screen and IR touchscreen works perfectly.

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Took a look at the touchscreen controler when i was salvaging stuff from the dead AIO pc.

It had 5 wires like most sheilded usb cables do. 2 for GND, VCC, DATA+ and DATA-
Usually they are colorcoded BLACK, GREEN, WHITE and RED.

One of the touchscreen wires was GREEN so i started from there. I probed out two GNDs and found the VCC by powering the dead motherboard. The motherboard has a dead GPU so no screen output but poweres on normally othervise.

Now i had to guess between the two wires witch one is DATA+ and DATA-.

Then i guessed and got it right the first time. The HID touchscreen controller showed up in my device manager when i pluged it it and registired touch input.

Everything is in the pictures.

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