Hardware Infraestructure

A project log for WearHealth 1.0

A wristband able to do a full-time control of the heart rate and body temperature, log data and send alerts if any abnormality is detected

gabriel-coutinhoGabriel Coutinho 10/03/2016 at 01:130 Comments

We have decided to use an Arduino Nano Atmega328 as our microcontroller. It's responsible to process data of temperature sensor and heartbeat sensor; and, send to our server.

We used the arduino IDE, programming our wristband in C++. We have tested each sensor separately to guarantee the highest and the most reliable response of each one.

We also used a lcd display to show to wristband's user his/her heartbeats and temperature. The display is programmed to inform if there is a connection and if the wristband is sending data to our server too.