Wristband design

A project log for WearHealth 1.0

A wristband able to do a full-time control of the heart rate and body temperature, log data and send alerts if any abnormality is detected

gabriel-coutinhoGabriel Coutinho 10/03/2016 at 01:260 Comments

I think this was the most crucial point of our project: design. We have had lot of ideas to build our prototype, but we weren't counting with the best equipments in the market. So we decided to use silicone.

STEP 1: We used a styrofoam mold to prepare and allocate safely our hardware.

STEP 2: We used equipments to apply the silicone in the styrofoam mold.

STEP 3: We had to wait a few yours to manipulate our prototype again.

STEP 4: We removed the excess material from prototype.

STEP 5: We tested our wristband to certify if it was okay.