Platform Complete!

A project log for HERO Sensor

H.E.R.O. (Hazardous Environment RecOnnaissance) Sensor

Will Lynt IIIWill Lynt III 05/09/2018 at 21:390 Comments

Platform construction and wiring is complete.  This includes all power supply concerns, the sensor array pan/tilt mechanism, locomotion and obstruction avoidance (step, front and rear distance sensors).

I also assembled and completed the code for an RF remote.  This uses an Arduino Uno R3, a joystick shield and the SPI-based RF24 wireless transceiver board.

I have yet to assemble the sensor array itself (the star of the show) so I feel a little behind, but I'll have that done in another day or so.  (Free time is certainly at a premium these days.)

I've added some photos of the platform and remote - enjoy!