Proof of concept

A project log for RPUftid

Shield for RS-422 over CAT5 with USB for a host

ronald.sutherlandronald.sutherland 10/01/2016 at 22:040 Comments

A proof of concept (i.e. Multi-Drop Remote Bootload) using avrdude with an xboot serial boot-loader (note optiboot also works).^3_RPU_RemoteBootload.mp4

The proof of concept used Host2Remote* firmware on a RPUftdi^3 and i2c-debug** on its MCU board (OSEPP Uno R3 from fry's electronics). The remote device has Remote*** firmware on a RPUadpt^3 board mounted on an Irrigate7^1 (which is an ATmega1284p with xboot). The firmware bootloaded onto the Irrigate7^1 is BlinkLED****.