New boards arrived and assembled, plus a 3D graphics video!

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Advanced graphics for anything from homebrew computers to weather reporting boxes and everything that can communicate over 3.3-5v UART.

Dylan BrophyDylan Brophy 03/10/2018 at 09:060 Comments

I got these nice boards from OSH park Thursday:

NGT30 boards!!!!
Fresh from OSHPark + Nuclaer Labs

I only made one mistake (so far as I know):  the communication pins for the arduino are FLIPPED.  So these boards cannot be made backwards-compatible with NGT20 anything.  Other than that, this board seems to work great!

I will be porting #Arduino Desktop to this soon.  I just need to make sure the keyboard pins are right and I need to hack the Arduino library for communicating with the NGT20 for compatibility with the error on the PCBs.