Final NGT30 board version working, and new 3D graphics programming ideas

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Dylan BrophyDylan Brophy 03/27/2018 at 04:380 Comments

Thanks @oshpark for the beautiful boards :-)

Now I need to finish the software...

I fixed some bugs in the Arduino libraries today, but I still need to finish the 3D graphics.  I have decided that my original model for the rendering will not work.

Why not?

Too many cogs are competing for graphics rendering at the same time.  One cog must do all rendering for the entire NGT30. I have noticed rendering issues.

Also, my assembly code is not going to be able to render the graphics even if it were the only cog using the Graphics object.

Additionally, the original rendering model wastes a ton of processing power and slows everything down.

What is the new idea?

Have a cog running assembly code to calculate the screen coordinates of 3d coordinates.  The Arduino will send a command to the NGT30 when the 3D objects must be rendered. The main cog will actually send the commands to the Graphics object, while the assembly "calculator cog" will do all the necessary trigonometry.

This should be better AND easier! :D