putted together

A project log for pi/arduino portable computer

A awesome not really pocket sized but still pretty small portable raspberry pi with arduino project.

brambram 12/08/2014 at 19:280 Comments

Today I putted the whole thing together.

  1. The main 3.5'' display .
  2. This are the button to control the computer. It is made a bit like the neotype( project of Paul Beaudet..
  3. This is a arduino pro mini placed to control the buttons.
  4. this is the power part for the rpi it uses 4 aa bateries and a buck converter to convert it to 5v.
  5. The rpi b+ it self it is screwed down with 4 2m screws. The best fiting screws are 2.5m but in the shop were I buy all my screws they told they were pretty rare.