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A project log for Vocal Trainer

The "Vocal Trainer" purpose is to facilitate sport practice to visual impaired people.

laurenterneslaurenternes 10/02/2016 at 19:380 Comments

The interface board is ready !

For the record, we use a small CNC to mill and drill the PCB. This is actually also a 3D printer: the Fabtotum. This is a very cool little machine that I back during their Kickstarter campaign.

It is now mounted with hot glue (ah ! hacking !) inside the console. The optos are connected via a flat cable to the keyboard solder joints (on the bottom right).

Ready to go !
We can now close the console, and use this remote control the Odroid.

The Odroid is mounted (with screws this time) on the back of the console, we added a bluetooth dongle (for the earplug) and a USB cable. (so far, the console was shown upside down)

The vocal stack is ready, prototype mode. Some simple words: "start", "stop" that maps to the same keys on the console. Everything running on a debian.

The Odroid is controlled by a laptop through a SSH connection, this is for easier logging and debugging.

Now, time for live testing, fine tuning,...