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An RGB led Clock-Ring

EnriqueEnrique 10/05/2016 at 17:280 Comments

Finally, after get my package (my package returned to china for not at home) I tested these caps. The function were avoid the fast discharge of the battery (the batteries used are so small and doesn't allow more than 0.1ma discharges), but after powering one I doesn't got a slow charge, instead that I was measuring the same voltage of the power supply. I left it for a few minutes and then I tried to discharge with a led... But no, I got less than 1 volt... and that doesn't last long... that 1v decreased to 0v in a few seconds without powering anything. I got the same result on a few caps... Isn't good idea buying 0.2$ caps on aliexpress valued at 2$/each on mouser.

The capacitors are: XH414HG IV01E (0.08f, 3.3v and super small)