Yes, RabbitMax Flex Crowdfunding Campaign is Successful!

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Open source Raspberry Pi HAT for rapid prototyping of IoT

Leon AnaviLeon Anavi 11/10/2016 at 01:410 Comments

Yes, we did it! I am happy to announce that the IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign for RabbitMax Flex achieved its goal in less than a week!

Thank you for your support, suggestions and contributions!

As of today RabbitMax Flex is 173% funded. The crowdfunding campaign for our Raspberry Pi HAT will continue as planned until 3 December 2016. A limited number of the "IoT Early Bird" perks are still available.

Please do not hesitate buy your Raspberry Pi a new HAT now :)

RabbitMax is an entirely open source project. Further more it has been developed with free and open source tools. The PCB has been designed using KiCAD on Ubuntu Linux distribution. All schematics, source code and examples have been already published in GitHub, the largest open source community in the world.

Best regards, Leon