RabbitMax Flex is 207% Funded!

A project log for Anavi Flex Raspberry Pi HAT

Open source Raspberry Pi HAT for rapid prototyping of IoT

Leon AnaviLeon Anavi 11/16/2016 at 12:590 Comments

RabbitMax started as a small hobby project. After a year of hard work in my spare time and help from my friends I created an opensource Raspberry Pi HAT for quick IoT prototyping. On 1 November 2016, I launched a crowdfunding campaign with the modest goal to gather 512 EUR for production of more units.

It is amazing that after a couple weeks and with zero-based budget for advertising and marketing the campaign hit more than 200% of its goal in IndieGoGo! People all around the world are ordering RabbitMax Flex.

The winter is coming and you can still get a cool opensource HAT for your Raspberry Pi by supporting our crowdfunding campaign :)