Making iURIS Wireless

A project log for iURIS - Being Independent

Our project is a spectacle mountable device which helps under neck disabled people to control mobile and computers.

nagariajheelnagariajheel 10/03/2016 at 13:060 Comments

Till now every test we performed was wired and the device was powered through a laptop. However, this was uncomfortable and there was a need for making the device wireless. We selected HC-05 bluetooth module to add the wireless feature on our device. HC-05 transmitted the x and y co-ordinates obtained from Arduino Pro Micro. Another HC-05 received these co-ordinates and fed it to another Arduino Pro Micro connected to the target device (computer or mobile phone). The first Arduino Pro Micro was used only for processing of x and y co-ordinates where as the second Arduino Pro Micro acted as the HID compatible device.