5A - 40V Dual Brushed Motor Controller

An Intelligent Plug-and-Play Motor Controller to Control 2 Brushed DC Motors upto 5A

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Most robots require a motor controller along with other control mechanisms. There are a wide variety of controllers available in the market. But they require tedious wiring, programming, connections etc.

We decided to change it, to make it easier for the makers. Decide how you would want to control the motors. Remote Controller, Analog Input, Bluetooth, I2C...? Connect the devices and the controller automatically selects the input type and controls the motors accordingly. Easy isn't it? It even has pins extended if you would like to extend its functionality.

It is small, universal and just perfect for your robot. We call it the Lyra-5A

Here are some of the main features:
* Small, at only 65mmx40mm
* Two different I2C extensions. Can connect multiple modules in series
* Only two pins from a micro controller excluding power pins.
* Multiple power input options
* Onboard RGB LEDs (x2), IR Receiver and Controller

Designed and created by VEEROBOT Team

Here comes the finished board.

  • Works completely as expected. The RGB LED on top is used for error / or any other indication. The LED on bottom of the board serves as a Voltage indicator (Battery Voltage circuit built-in). The color gradually fades between Green to Red according to change in input voltage.
  • U5 space is used for adding a plug-in step down voltage module with 7805 regulator pinouts.
  • Controller intelligently selects the input module. The input can be either RC Remote, I2C, Bluetooth, or Infrared.
  • Reset Circuitry to reset the board once the input control method is changed.
  • The board is fully Arduino Compatible
  • Two I2C interfaces. One to connect the controller and other to connect multiple modules in Series
  • A bottom connector on the board can be used to mount the boards in series to connect multiple motors

A Raspberry Pi Zero W mounted over the controller board. The pin-outs are compatible with other Raspberry Pi Boards too.

Finally, here is a video showcase of board running two DC gear motors in I2C mode. The voltage indicator changes color based on the change in input (battery) voltage.

  • 2 × Infineon - TLE 5206 Motor Controller
  • 1 × Atmega328P Microprocessors, Microcontrollers, DSPs / ARM, RISC-Based Microcontrollers
  • 3 × Block Headers - 2x1 For connecting Motors and Battery
  • 1 × 16Mhz Crystal Crystal for Timinig
  • 1 × TSOP1838 Opto and Fiber Optic Semiconductors and ICs / Other Optoelectronic ICs

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    How did it begin?

    It all begun when I was looking to control two motors for a custom designed robot. The robot with two wheels and a castor was driven by two high torque motors.

    None of the controllers available were able to fulfill the requirements. This is when the motor control project started.

    1. Listed all the requirements for the driver

    2. Initial schematic and designs were complete

    3. Over to OSHpark for fabrication of board (along with a long wait period)

    4. Oven to assemble and solder smd components

    5. Long nights programming

    Finally the board is ready.

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