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Smart wireless MIDI foot controller for guitarists and more.

alf45taralf45tar 06/01/2018 at 09:000 Comments

RTP-MIDI (also known as AppleMIDI) is a protocol to transport MIDI messages within RTP (Real-time Protocol) packets over Ethernet and WiFi networks. It is completely open and free.

Pedalino is a session listener over WiFi. It does not support session initiation functionalities, which requires the use of an external session initiator on the network to open a RTP-MIDI session with the Pedalino. This session initiator can be a macOS computer (Audio MIDI Setup->MIDI Studio->MIDI Network Setup) or a Windows computer with the RTP-MIDI driver, an app on your iOS device (for example MIDI Network) or an embedded RTP-MIDI device.

Pedalino is designed to be compatible with: