Xelopics E.C.A.M.S

A multi purpose control arduino mega shield

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The project is about developing a shield which can host a variety of interfaces such as

2 x stepper motors controlled with drv4498, drv8825 stepper modules
2 x PWM control motors driven from mosfet
1 x PWM control Pump - driven from mosfet
1 x PWM control FAN - driven from mosfet.
1 x PWM control Heater 12v - driven from Mosfet.

1 x 3 button keypad
1x hx711 weight sensor interface
1 x analog input sensing 0- 5v for diameter sensing
3 x servo control outputs
3 x NTC thermistor Sensing
1 x i2c VBus
1 x RGB status LED

1 X 12V input with poly switch fuse Protection

1 x 10 pin idc to interface with 12864 lcd shield

1 x Auxiliary 10 pin Serial ports x 3

1 x Expansion port for future upgrades.

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