AWTRIX - Smart WiFi clock

AWTRIX is a smart WiFi-capable clock based on an ESP8266 with many functions.

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In this project I have shared my personal motivation and learned a lot during the development started in february ´18.
AWTRIX is a smart WiFi-capable clock based on an ESP8266.
- Time and date via NTP server
- Current weather via Openweathermap
- Simulation of a virtual "pet" with different emotions
- Game of Life
- Youtube Counter- Facebook Counter
- Twitter Counter
- DHT Senor reading
- Fire simulation
- Play Pong or Snake with Appmore functions:
- Control and configuration via BLYNK, MQTT, UDP or Android App
- Automatic brightness control via LDR
- easy Firmware update via WiFi, Web

I won't go into much detail here and refer to my documentation instead:
Here you will find all the information and links you need to build your own Awtrix.

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Jan wrote 04/26/2018 at 10:18 point

Awesome project and perfect execution. Thanks for sharing this open source!

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