Assembly of final prototype

A project log for Robotics sensor - 360 scan of environment

A turrent which is an array of 4 lidar sensor's along with two compasses and a servo that scan the environment and dump data into database.

stanStan 05/01/2018 at 22:270 Comments

No picture (as yet) - Sorry.

Made a new prototype and installed turrent compass, and lidars and connected it back to Pi Zero. SHould be getting servo controller today and will replace cludgy pi controlled servo with servo on i2c!

Once again one sensor didn't work - normal issue of SDA/SCL being wrong way around.

Also mounted sensors 90 degrees out of phase - 5 minite job to resite (glad I used mounting tape to temporrarily hold them.

If all goes well, will integrate all my code-stubs together and commence final testing.

Then to set up my github with all the source code - and finalise the documentation here.