initial design decisions

A project log for modbox - a modular controller / display

a configurable, modular, remote control and display for hackers

matt vennmatt venn 10/05/2016 at 08:480 Comments

I've made a bunch of preliminary decisions:

  1. esp8266 + lipo charger + usb/serial converter as the 'brain'
  2. 4 way bus: i2c, power and ground to connect all modules
  3. attiny88 for the modules (cheap and supports hardware i2c slave)
  4. first module will be double push button encoders with led dials
  5. second module will be an lcd 2x16
  6. the sides of the box will be 20mm rexroth type aluminium profile, front and back will be laser cut & engraved acrylic, end plates will be wood, delrin, aluminium or acrylic.
  7. boards will be joined with a connector like this

I want to use an lcd like this

size is 85.0 x 32.6mm

or perhaps an oled.

I'd also like to have a moving coil type dial as a possibility:

which are 44mm square.