Code Jam #5

A project log for NSA Away

Increase your privacy and security by exchanging short messages securely. Created by members of hackerspace Sector67.

Scott HasseScott Hasse 09/08/2014 at 03:070 Comments

We had lots of good discussion and made several critical decisions to prioritize and prepare for the push toward Sept 28.  Most notably is a plan to implement the capability for the hardware encryption device to read encrypted data via light flashes from a screen (both a PC and Android device) and forward the resulting data as keystrokes via HID to either a PC or Android device.  This allows us an alternate data path for both OCR and USB keystroke sending from Android and greatly increases the number of potentially compatible Android devices.  We'll still be fully implementing OCR functionality, and will maintain the light/HID as a parallel approach for transmitting encrypted data to the Android device.