Quantity   Component name
1 × 16x2 LCD 3.3V Display for the hardware device
1 × Atmel ATMEGA32U4 Microcontroller that runs the hardware device. Should have Arduino bootloader on it.
2 × SD Card Holder 2 SD card holders allow for making 2 sets of identical SD cards at once.
2 × MicroUSB connector Plugs in to a computer to charge, or to act as a HID keyboard, putting random numbers out .
1 × Android v4 capable device For the prototype, we are running the message entry, message reading, encryption, decryption, OCR and keystroke sending using an Android device. This device should be capable of running Android v4.x and ideally have a camera, USB port and external SD card reader
1 × FT231XS-U FTDI chip converts USB to Serial, used as a serial port to allow the android device to connect securely to the computer through the NSA Away hardware
12 × NPN Transistor (MMDT3904) Used for the reverse bias avalanche circuit to do the hardware RNG. This is a dual transistor package. 24 transistors are needed for 8 circuits.
1 × MAX1555 Used for the charge management of the battery
1 × MIC5205-3.3V Voltage regulator. Gives 3.3V for the whole system.
1 × 74LS165D - Parallel in shift register Used to latch the 8 bits of the RNG and then shift them into the microcontroller.
4 × Momentary Push Buttons For the interface
1 × 2N7002 NChannel Mosfet to turn on and off the backlight on the LCD.
1 × Various Passive components (resistors and capacitors) Please see the BOM in the NSA-AWAY hardware github repository for a complete list of components.