Part 1 - Forseeable Problems

A project log for single stage to orbit space plane

this is the game changer a open source space craft for humanity this is not just a piece of hardware its a new open source movement and a ??

TKTSTKTS 05/25/2020 at 16:200 Comments

Of Course, A Project Like This Has it's Fair Shares Of Problems. Some Forseeable Problems And Solutions Include

- Overall Cost Will Be Generally High, Regardless Of Changes

We know this and it's unavoidable, but we can at least try to get it as low as possible, to make the experience good for everybody.

- To Completely Escape Earth's Atmosphere Would Mean Travelling 300 Miles Up

The Rocket Engine (Star 48) Will Be Versatile Enough To Make It There In Less Than An Hour If Done Right

- There's No Oxygen In Space

The Vessel Will have An Oxygen System Built Into It as Well as a Recycling System

- What Do You Use Material Wise?

We will focus on Heat Resistance, Radiation Resistance and Shrapnel Resistance as Well as other specific Materials that will allow for it to be built safely

- Electricity?

Solar Panels,  NI-Cad and Voltage Boosters will do the trick.

- Gravity?

The Vessel Will Have A Rotating Chamber That Will Create The Effect Of Gravity.

- Communication and Fail-safes?

Radio Waves Are The Best Way to Go for Communication, and The Vessel will have an Emergency Pod, Designed For Total Usage of 1 Week.

- How Do You Tell If It's Sound?

We will focus on creating procedures that will show just show safe/viable a certain part or process is.

- What About The Space Suit?

Those will probably be the cheapest part of the project, and will have all of the design needs shown.

- How in the Hell will it go up?

Using the Star 48 Engine, the Rocket will be able to generate up to 15,000 lbs of thrust and go up to 340,000 mph theoretically.

At the next part, i'll be talking about the design process and chambers, as well as the material choice!