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    My Equipment


    • Custom CNC (MPCNC with Ramps 1.4 running Marlin)
    • L-Cheapo 3.5 (3500mW) Watt Laser from Endurance Lasers.
    • LASER PROTECTION EYEWEAR (Yes, this is essential, A Laser will blind you, do not use your laser without the appropriate eyewear)


    • AutoCAD 2018
    • Estlcam V11
    • Repetier V2.05Host
    • Notepad++
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    T-Rex Plans

    The plans I used are available at www.makecnc.com, this is a good resource for
    Hobby CNC users, please note I have no affiliation with this company, I came upon them after a google search.

    The plans come in several formats, for me I used DXF so I could import them into AutoCAD.

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    Modifying Plans

    My first steps was to modify the plans for use with the current wood stock I had available which was sheets of 3mm – 3.4mm Plywood at 300mm x 210mm.

    In AutoCAD I drew a rectangle of 300mm x 210mm to represent the wood stock, I then placed all of the components into one of these rectangles, in my case I needed 4 rectangles.