Port TTA8 EMU to XForms

A project log for 8 Bit TTA Interpreter

TTA (Transport Triggered Architecture) is very simple CPU type.

agp.cooperagp.cooper 03/18/2019 at 06:550 Comments

TTA8 Status

The machine is waiting for me to check why the latest card (Program Counter Board) did not work.

But I thought I would port my old TTA8 EMU code to XForms. Not that easy as there are lots of buttons and labels to design and code. Here is current the form:

I have hidden the file management buttons.

These GUI programs get very big very quickly, in total 1200 lines of code so far.

Speed wise it is slower than the original version and the output screen is a bit jerky when running fast, but it works fine.

The built in "user" code is a binary counter, using the interpreter. The interpreted instructions are: Call, Jmp, Inline (i.e. native micro-code) and Rtn:

Now that I have written a compiler that is suitable for this machine, so I now have the PCodes I need to "micro-code" for the interpreter (if that makes sense!).

Its all a tight fit for an 8 bit CPU with an 8 bit address space (even with paging).

For the "shell" I an considering my cut down version of "Mouse" with the ability to call ROM programs.

But need to get the machine working first.

I have uploaded the EMU_GUI project.