The Ganymede Incident

A project log for Laser Cut Cardboard Robot Construction Kit

Laser cut cardboard and wooden pieces for making animatronic robots. Open source templates and activity guides for educators.

timtim 05/17/2018 at 21:550 Comments

The laser construction kits got another great round of real-world testing in Steamlabs themed maker-experience "The Ganymede Incident".

This workshop overlays a fun science-fiction theme on top of lessons in programming, electronics, and fabrication with 3D printing and laser cutting. In the scenario, participants have crash-landed on the frozen moon, and must work together applying maker skills to bring real, working systems online, including a variety of sensors and propulsion.

With just three hours to complete the challenges and craft their ship, participants need a way to iterate quickly, and the mechanical challenges are a big part of the adventure.

Cardbots to the rescue!

After the briefing, the kits are distributed and crews join their mentors to start iterating on their design ideas. The standardized parts allow a way for the crews to alternate going off to work on their individual tasks, and coming together to ensure the craft will assemble.

Wheel suspension - armatures, end-caps, double-size body

In the scenario, crews are divided into groups handling the "biopod", and others handling the "sensorpod". Each of these pod teams are provided construction kits and must come up with ways of mounting their sensors, joining the pods, and making the assembled craft navigate through obstacles.

 Two kit-pods, in a laser-cut shell, multiple sensors