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A project log for Laser Cut Cardboard Robot Construction Kit

Laser cut cardboard and wooden pieces for making animatronic robots. Open source templates and activity guides for educators.

timtim 05/22/2018 at 18:340 Comments

May 22, 2018

We're experimenting with versions of Cardbots, including a mini-kit, made out of wood! This kit would be very good for smaller builds that need more rigidity than cardboard allows.

Wooden wheel sets and end-caps

This version of the kit takes a little longer to cut because of the extra cuts-per-inch, and the material. Wood takes more time to cut with the laser cutter than does cardboard. So this kit is a variation for specific purposes.

In this case, the kits are headed for a planned activity to do with making powered vehicles specifically. The smaller sized pieces function essentially the same as their larger counterparts in terms of their connectors, but can be used to craft a vehicle on a scale about the size of a hotwheels car.


It is fun to work on variations of the kits and test out what can be done with them. The extra rigidity of wooden parts works nicely with some of the elastic-band drives we have tried out.