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M. BindhammerM. Bindhammer 05/03/2018 at 20:400 Comments

Main human machine interface will be a DFrobot 2.8" TFT touch shield on an Arduino MEGA (which works fine on Arduino UNO and MEGA by setting the 3 tiny SMD switches on the backside of the PCB and using the SPI, Adafruit GFX and Adafruit ILI9341 libraries) and a custom designed shift registers based keyboard PCB, which I still need to populate and test:3 parts to 3-D print: the TFT and Arduino MEGA bracket, the keyboard bracket and the TFT cover.

Finally I populated the keyboard PCB and tested it:

Printed parts:

Touch screen module completed:

Keyboard module completed:

Like for my previous robot project Murphy I am using a 2 W, 8 Ω miniature loudspeaker, an EMIC-2 text-to-speech module, a TPA2005D1 breakout board and a custom designed carrier board:

Populated :

Wiring diagram:

Important notes: The EMIC-2 does not work properly with Arduino hardware serial. Use the SoftwareSerial Library instead. The potentiometer is not really necessary as the volume can be adjusted by software.

Speech module design:

Again, Shapeways has done a great job printing this part:

EMIC-2, TPA2005D1 breakout board and loudspeaker assembled and attached to the robot: