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ESP32 based monosynth embedded in bass guitar

igor-brkicIgor Brkic 10/06/2018 at 21:530 Comments

So, I did most of the work on the synth during two weeks in May. But then a lot of things happened at my day job and some other things came in so I haven't touched the synth since then (almost five months :)). There is a deadline for Hackaday prize in two days so I decided to revisit and finish what I started earlier.

Of course, I can't make all the features in two days (actually, one, since I have few other things to do) but I can try to make it usable.

What I will try to do is embed it into my bass guitar so I can play it. I have few unsolved things, like power supply and signal conditioning but I'll leave those for the next prototype which will be on PCB and with ESP32 module.