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High Voltage/Current, BLDC or PMSM Motor, Sensored or Sensorless, Micro Computer Based Driver/Controller

Jose I QuinonesJose I Quinones 06/02/2018 at 16:070 Comments

On this video I do a quick introduction to some of the Power PACk boards and how they can drive a small aerial vehicle motor. In this case, the motor was taken to 2600 Hz at 26V and 3.3A or so, which is in the 85W worth of input power. How much power was transformed into mechanical power would need to be measured, but BLDC based systems have very decent efficiencies, so most of these electrical 85W should have been transferred into the mechanical power side of things. Again, this needs to be validated with a measurement before I can swear by it.

As I discuss on the video, platforms like these are scalable. This means that by selecting different power FETs and different input voltages, you could devise a system capable of far higher power densities. In my personal experiments, I have observed 500W with not much of an effort (albeit a different PAC52xx device). I am aware that the PAC52xx family of devices have been employed in applications pushing more than 1000W. That is more than 1 HP! Of course, a motor driver capable of supplying 1 KW will be much beefier than the modules I show on this video, but the availability is within the family of devices!