Powering It All Up!

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High Voltage/Current, BLDC or PMSM Motor, Sensored or Sensorless, Micro Computer Based Driver/Controller

Jose I QuinonesJose I Quinones 06/03/2018 at 17:290 Comments

All of this high power BLDC motor driver talk is far past useless if you don't have a decent power source. And to be honest, this is one of the areas where we kind of have what we need, but at the same time we don't! Allow me to explain...

When we removed the brushes, this was kind of a quantum leap in DC motor performance. But it is not just that the motor efficiency improved, it is also that now we can build far much more capable motors. The lack of brushes and its inherent friction allowed motors to go faster! So somebody came up and said "Hey! Now we can build drones that fly really fast!" And somebody else said "And we can also make way better power tools!"

This is all great and fancy, but these motors moving way faster and pushing larger loads must also mean higher power levels! So PowerPACks solves the problem of a driver capable of supplying that ridiculous high power to the motor. But where does said power comes from in the first place???

In the following video I detail a few techniques which can be used to power up your PowerPACks. I talk about switching and regulated power supplies, as well as batteries, as power sources. They are all great for driving these motors, but something I have noticed in the past few months is that we are still lacking some power sources which I believe will have to materialize on the years to come. That is a topic for a different video and a different entry, but rest assured I will bring back the topic of 48V motors at 1800W power levels. Who is going to power up that one???