Figuring Out Hydroponics

Let's be honest... hydroponics are so simple but so very complicated

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My goal is to experiment with the different forms of hydroponics and many of the variables that come with them to try and find the easiest and most cost effective way for growing hydroponically on a small scale at home.

This project is aimed toward testing experimenting on and following the progress of plants in small scale (less than $150) at home hydroponics

Also I would like to make a guide/how to on what I did, to help others to attempt to replicate my project

Hydroponics are harder than many think, or at than I thought. I mean water + plant + nutrient = amazing food but there are so many variables to consider when you're actually growing. Also having a lot of conflicting/ confusing information doesn't help.

Within the next few weeks I would like to start testing different parts of hydroponics to determine what works best while keeping cost at minimum

  • Back?

    Garret12/07/2016 at 03:01 0 comments

    Soooo... I plan on continuing on my project over the school break hopefully, however though the plants I do I have are doing amazing!! I have 1 surviving tomato plant that has climbed all the way through the blinds and is touching the ceiling and is about to begin flowing. Als my to jalapeno plants are doing good, they are flowering at the moment and i currently have 4 baby jalapenos on them and hope to have many more soon. Once these plants are finished i plan on upsizing to a larger area and more plants but I'm still working on a plan for that but i should soon. I hope to get started soon.

    -Good luck growing

  • Life happens

    Garret11/03/2016 at 03:00 0 comments

    I planned on putting a lot more into the project by this point but school has been a lot recently, but my plants are doing great at the moment. My setup right now is my air pump connected to 3, 2 gallon buckets and another small container I 3D printed which is the one from an earlier picture. currently i have one tomato plant that is about 3-4 feet tall growing in a winder and my 2 jalapeno plants have started to flower but are about 2 feet tall, however they have 15 -20 bud that are about to start blooming with about 2-3 on each flowering.

    Hopefully i should be back with a few holidays coming up and once I get caught up in school.

    As far as what i have learned there is a few main points:

    - No or as little light in the reservoir is very good (something as small as spray painting the outside helps

    - Always check how much water your reservoir really can hold because for the containers the amount is said is at the very top of the bucket from what I've experienced

    - Use slightly less nutrients then what the feed charts recommend to keep a safe PPM and happy plants

    - Also make sure of what unit your ppm meter measures in to ensure you have the correct PPM

  • Log 1- getting stuffs

    Garret10/10/2016 at 01:40 0 comments

    Today i finally made it into town and got my aerator ( Tetra Whisper 20 gallon air pump $19.99), a 4 way check valve/ air control ($7.99), and 4 air stones ($1.99 for a 4 pack). i had some old aquarium air tubing (about $4 for 20 feet) that i plan on using to connect to 4 ,2 gallon buckets while the plants are still small with plans to move to 5 gallons once they get larger in size. Also i ordered some General hydroponics 3 part flora series nutrient ($32 for all 3 of the 1 quart bottles) which should be here tuesday. Any suggestions at this point would be extremely helpful.

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