Robot Quadruped Tail

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A high speed and high torque robotic actuator using low-cost brushless motors, custom controller, 3D printed parts and bearings.

Paul GouldPaul Gould 06/08/2018 at 15:410 Comments

Tail Design

3x Mini Actuators (5 Joints)

Joint 1 is tail "wag"

Joint 2 has figure 8 pulley to Joint 3 and the angle is opposite

Joint 3 is actuated up/down

Joint 4 is actuated up/down

Joint 5 has a figure 8 pulley to Joint 4 and the angle is opposite

Distance between Joints is 100mm

Motors are Multistar Elite 3508

The tail is used for the quadruped's balance.

Was thinking about putting an end effector, camera or gripper